Kenai Bird Fest Set to Take Flight Thursday

The Kenai Birding Festival is set to begin tomorrow across the Kenai Peninsula. We spoke to Ken Tarbox with the Keen Eye birders, one of the organizer of the annual festival.


Tarbox: “Well, we have a number good things going on. We’ve added a new event called a Big Sit, which will be the first one in Alaska that actually goes 24-hours, down at the wild live viewing platform  from 6:00am Saturday to 6:00am Sunday, we’re going to have people down there counting over that whole 24-hours, and that will be a first for Alaska, there’s been other big sits, but they haven’t gone 24-hours. So people can come down anytime in that 24-hours, and talk to people out there counting. Midnight might be a little tough seeing some birds, but in Alaska we have a lot of sunlight, so it will be a short period. So this is kind of a unique event for the festival this year.”


Click here for more information about the Kenai Peninsula Bird Festival

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