Kenai Beaches Noticeably Cleaner

Kenai’s Public Works Director Sean Wedemeyer says he’s staying busy and optimistic as the city enters the second week of the dip net fishery.


Wedemeyer: “The beaches are much cleaner this year. It is still early, and so we haven’t seen the volume of fish that typically starts coming in in the middle of the month. I expect it to peak around the 17th, based on the history of the fish runs, but  I believe that people will continue to throw their carcasses in the water. We will continue to rake with the new equipment and that it’s a huge improvement this year over past years.”


We asked Wedemeyer why he feels dip netters are acting more responsibly this year…


Wedemeyer: “We’re providing expanded services. We have installed signs and put out news releases about the new rules to throw carcasses into the water. We now have dumpsters on the beach, where years past we didn’t have quite the same level of service. Now, we’ve got large dumpsters that are regularly emptied, so it’s more convenient for people to throw their trash somewhere as opposed to just on the ground.”

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