Kenai Ballot Proposition to Overturn Comprehensive Plan

Kenai residents will chose between three different candidates for two open seats on the Kenai City Council this year.


Two are incumbents, Terry Bookey and Brian Gabriel, the third is Mark Schrag.


Along with Schrag’s name on the ballot this October will be a proposition he brought forward. The proposition seeks to overturn the Imagine Kenai 2030 Comprehensive Plan finalized by the Council earlier this year…


Schrag: “It can be a complicated process, but basically what I’m advocating is that you’d vote yes on ballot measure one, and that would repeal the one that the Council just passed in March or whenever it was, April, and then the old one would stay in effect.”


Schrag said he’s concerned that the plan doesn’t protect residential areas, particularly the area opposite the Kenai Central High School, known as the MAPS subdivision.


The new comprehensive plan hasn’t yet been adopted, since the ballot initiative was certified within 30 days of the plan’s finalization.

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