Kenai Administrators Head to D.C.For Bluffs Project

Posted: February 21, 2014 at 7:17 am

Kenai City Administrators are heading to Washington D.C. next week, to make the case for the Kenai bluffs.


The bluff erosion has been washing away prime Kenai real estate. City Manager Rick Koch says they’e been waiting two years for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to give approval for the final feasibility study.


Koch: “The federal government has spent $5 million on this project already. Federal projects just take forever. There are so many groups and sections of the Corps that are involved in a project of this time, and so many studies that move it forward¬†incrementally.”


Koch, Mayor Pat Porter, and Council Member Tim Navarre will meet with the Corps and Alaska’s Congressional Delegation to talk about the project.


U.S. Senator Mark Begich was on the Peninsula last summer and said he was concerned about the state of the bluffs…


Sen. Begich(D-AK): “Every time I go out there, it seems like another chunk of land is gone, a chunk of the grass is gone, and it’s getting very dangerous to a certain extent. So, as the Borough moves forward, we’ve been supporting their efforts with some of the federal agencies. Whatever they need, we want to help them be successful there.”


Funding for the project is mostly in place, but appropriations from the state only last five years, and they’re about to start expiring.

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3 Comments to “Kenai Administrators Head to D.C.For Bluffs Project”

  • Another Kenai Resident says:

    Good to see this project moving forward, albeit slowly.

    Estimates of $30 million plus will make this the single largest bank stabilization project ever on the Kenai River.

    Potamology has shown that all rivers wander through time from the hydrological forces that produce areas of erosion and deposition.

    The Corps studies on bank erosion processes have shown natural forces are the primary cause of erosion and deposition on the Kenai River, be it at the mouth of the river, along the riparian corridors of the main stem of the river, or the upper reaches of the watershed.

  • Ed M says:

    The erosion at the mouth of the Kenai River is not from river flow but from tidal action/wind and could be stopped by placing rip rap at the toe of the slope years ago at I /10 of todays cost. The Boro has offered the rock years ago at no cost to the city and no response from the city but let’s study this thing with a current 5 million dollar price tag……what fools.
    City politicians / administers have failed to act….their plan today will condemn private property to ” create a solution ” at the cost of millions of dollars.
    The worthless trips to DC is just a junket for those lame officials at the city!!

  • Steve Wright says:

    Mon. 2/24/14 There is the New Technology that erases the Need for Air Travel to far away locations. It’s called TeleConferencing. This has been used by the Alaska Court System for over 20 years & provides visual evidence & visual testimony.

    So WHY would anyone be Dumb enough to spend $1000.00 of Dollars in Air Fare, Waiting & Waiting in Airports, enduring AirPort TSA Security, Taxi-Cabs, Hotel Rooms, Tips, Food & Lodging when ALL of that can be avoided by using TeleConferencing & never leave Kenai ?

    It’s a Mystery to Me ? SPW in Soldotna