Kenai Addresses Minor Shelter Violations

The City of Kenai will host a fairly quiet Council meeting tonight at 7pm. City Manager Rick Koch said the agenda is light…


Koch: “There’s an item about a ratification of a settlement with the Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health for a couple of minor violations at the Animal Control Center that resulted in no action, no fine.”


We asked Koch about the specific violations…


Koch: “There was some debris in front of an electrical control panel. You’re supposed to keep that area open, and I’m not exactly sure what was in front of it. I think like a garbage can or maybe a mop bucket. They had to be moved, but we received a citation nonetheless. The other was a training issue. We have an annual training requirement for hazardous communications. In brief summary terms, that means that you have to let your employees know about all the hazards that are around them in the workplace. You’re supposed to do that annually, and I think we were two months out of our 12 month window.”

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