Kemp Named DOT Comissioner

The Interim head of the State Department of Transportation will be keeping his job on a permanent basis.

Governor Sean Parnell has named Pat Kept as DOT Commissioner, a job he’s held on an interim basis since October, when Marc Lukin resigned, citing differences in methods.

Kemp said that his goals for the Department are in line with the Governors…..


Kemp: “I’m just going to follow what the governor has laid out for his priorities, roads for resources, connecting communities, trying to take care of families, and bring the cost of living down in a lot of locations.”



Kemp spent his entire career at DOT, retiring after 30-years in 2006, bur returning last year as Deputy Commissioner for Highways and Public Facilities.


Kemp: “One day I graduated from high school, the next day, I was working for the Department of Highways, and I grew up with the Department. This is kind of a culmination, I don’t know how much higher I could go in the agency.”


The Governor’s office notes that Kemp is the first Transportation Commissioner to be born and raised in Alaska, as well as, being the first to work up completely through the ranks.


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