Keith Baxter Snags Council Seat And Welcomes A New Baby

Keith Baxter landed Soldotna City Council Seat E at the polls last night, and was also surprised with a new baby girl.

Baxter went on to say its been an exhausting day.



Baxter: “Well in the last twelve hours I went from working late in the office to getting a call from my wife saying we might be going to the hospital for our baby sooner than expected, while I was waiting for that trip to the hospital I found out the unofficial election results that I had won my bid for council seat E. Normally that would be the biggest news of the day except for the daughter who was on the way and didn’t want to wait, she upstaged me. So I was happy to be upstaged and at 4:59 this morning Wednesday, Oct 2nd our new daughter Paisley Day Baxter was born and we couldn’t be happier”.



We asked Baxter what the Soldotna City Council is currently focused on the most.


Baxter: “The City Council is currently looking at the capital projects bill for the Sports Center particularly which is still number one on the legislative priorities for funding for the City of Soldotna and I know there will be a work session on that to discuss a little bit more on the programming with that facility and ways we might want to trim the programming to look at what is essential to the expansion and renovation and what maybe wouldn’t be as essential”.

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