Keep An Eye Out For Motorcycles and Motor Scooters in May

The  month of May is Motorcycle and Motor Scooter Awareness Month, according to state statues. In a state where cold weather keeps motorcycles and scooters off the roads for most of the year, drivers can forget to look for the smaller vehicles. We recently spoke with Soldotna Chief of Police Peter Mlynarik…


Chief Mlynarik: “Yep, there’s already been some motorcycles out and about. In fact there was a fatality in Palmer or Wasilla. So, people are getting out, so it’s time to start watching out for them.”


The DOT says a motorcycle is one of the smallest vehicles on our roads, and they can often be hidden in a car or truck’s blind spot. They ask drivers to “aggressively look for them before changing lanes or merging with traffic.”

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