KCHS Track Nearly Done, Open to Runners and Walkers Only

The Kenai Central High School’s new track is just about done. City Manager Rick Koch said the striping should be completed today, and then there are just a few minor items to button up. Then, in about a week, it will be open for some public use…


Koch: “Limited to running and walking. We’re going to open it up for that. We’ll try and have some additional signage. We have signage already, but unfortunately some folks apparently haven’t been able to read it or understand it, so we’re going to try to get some additional signage out. It’s a gorgeous facility, but it’s a fragile surface. It’s meant for a specific purpose, with specific kinds of footwear on and it can be easily damaged. It can’t be used by bicycles or roller blades or roller skis or anything like that. Anything other than running or walking is prohibited.”


Koch said he’s proud of how the track and field have turned out, and he understands people are eager to use it.


Koch: “It is gorgeous. It is a beautiful facility as far as construction projects go. It’s been a very enjoyable project to be involved in. The community has immediately embraced it an taken ownership of the project.”

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