KCHS Continues With One Entrance Access With Maintained Attendance

As we had previously reported, local schools have been instructed to close multiple entrances to be accessed by the public. This means students will now only be able to use one single entrance, a policy that hasn’t been strictly enforced until this year, but has now become a priority.


Even with their usual high attendance numbers, Kenai Central High School Principal Alan Fields say’s its a practice they’ve been doing for years.



Fields: “Here at Kenai Central, we’ve been doing that for the last 7 years, we have 11 different entrances and exits  to the main building here but we’ve reduced it down to the one door here at the office and any other doors we try to keep locked up during the school day.”


Fields went on to say this year’s enrollment is good, and has maintained over the years.



Fields: “Our full time enrollment is at 540 students and then we have another 30 part time students, so we’ve been holding our own the enrollment over the district has dropped over the last several years but Kenai Central has maintained its enrollment, when I started here 12 years ago we had 545 students and we have 540 today so that shows we really haven’t declined here at Kenai Central.”



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