Kasilof Set Netters Guaranteed Thursday Opening

Fish and Game Management Biologist Pat Shields said Kasilof set netters will get their regular opening this Thursday. So far, it’s the only guarantee with low king runs still projected. We asked Shields if we’ll see a repeat of last year’s closures…


Shields: “To date, right now, the early run of Kings in the Kenai River, everybody’s quite aware, it’s been very poor, our lowest on record. We have some data that would indicate that there’s a correlation between the two runs, so there’s an expectation by some that the late run might be poor or less than expected. We still have a few days left in June here to count early run Kenai salmon in the Kenai River, so I guess there’s always hope, because there are days left on the calendar, but this is something the Department’s very cognizant of, very aware of. We’re going to be watching the early run, what’s left here in June, very closely, and that will flavor some of our decisions about the late run, there’s no doubt about that.”

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