K-Beach State Assistance Only For Storm Damage

The State of Alaska is continuing to put together details about how the Individual Assistance Program will work for victims of K-Beach flooding, but one thing is clear: not all flooding is covered.


Zeremy Zidek with the State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management said the State can’t cover the damages caused by rising groundwater…


Zidek: “Disaster statutes have to have an event that has caused that damage to people’s homes, and that has to have a specific time period. The groundwater issues that have existed there for some time do not fall under that specific time period. Now, we are going to go down, we encourage everyone with damage to fill out an application. We’ll look at each of the damaged homes and evaluate them on a case by case basis and work to find damage from the flood if that’s what was the case.”


We asked Zidek how inspectors would be able to determine which damage was caused by groundwater and which came from rains…


Zidek: “That will be something that the case workers will have to evaluate on a case-by-case basis. They are trained damage inspectors, and so they’ll get out there, work with the homeowners, have to have access to the property to take a look at the damages.”


Zidek said a website for the damage reports should be available next week. A telephone hotline will be available shortly thereafter.

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