K-Beach Property Woes Continue

Daniel and Sherrie Dahlen say they are watching their home on Bore Tide Drive fill with water from recent groundwater flooding on K-Beach, without any ability to protect their property. Sherrie says the Borough threatened prosecution if they start excavating the area…


Dahlen: “We told him that we were using an¬†excavator that we would appreciate it if they did it but he was going to use an excavator to fix the property on our driveway, they told him he could not and they called the State Troopers on us. The State Troopers came out and said well there’s not excavator here and we said well its coming he said well the Borough said you can’t do that I don’t know what the laws are, if you do I may have to arrest you.”


Dahlen said that since they don’t live on a specific water body, their insurance agency said they can’t be covered for the flooding.


Paul Ostrander, Borough Chief of Staff, said he didn’t immediately have the details about the Dahlen’s property or why the Troopers were called, but said with tensions running high, and multiple properties affected, they’re treading cautiously…



Ostrander: “There’s folks that are trying to take care of the issue on their property and its impacting others downstream that otherwise would not have been impacted.”


Ostrander said the situation is sensitive, and they’re working to understand how the problem developed and how to keep it from getting worse.


Dahlen said the situation for her is dire and all she can do is watch as…



Dahlen: “My house is being completely destroyed because its non-insurable and I don’t have any recourse.”

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