Juvenile Caught in Stolen Car

A 16-year-old juvenile was caught driving a stolen car without a drivers license in the Sterling area last Monday.


Around 8pm, the Bureau of High Patrol stopped the 1995 Honda Accord for speeding at mile 84.5 of the Sterling Highway. During the stop, they discovered that the teenager, A.Y.Y. of Anchorage, didn’t have a license and that the vehicle had been reported stolen. The juvenile was arrested and taken to the Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility for vehicle theft in the 1st degree.


Megan Peters with the State Troopers…


Peters: “The Trooper was heading southbound when he saw a gold sedan going northbound, speeding, and so he had turned around to initiate the traffic stop. The gold sedan, it turned out, had been stolen out of Anchorage, Alaska.”


The vehicle was seized and is being investigated for controlled substances.

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