June 26th, 2013

Think About It……..                                                                                                     June 26, 2013

Last Tuesday night was a sad, sad day for our Kenai Peninsula. That was the night that six of our Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly members sold our rights to private property down the tube. That was the night that a motion to Repeal the Anadromous Fish Habitat Protection Program as outlined in Assembly Ordinance 2011-12 and addressed by Ordinance 2013-12 went down to defeat on a vote of 6 to 3.

The six Assemblymen who voted to allow the Borough government to seize and control thousands of acres of private property on the Kenai Peninsula were Linda Murphy of Soldotna, Hal Smalley of Kenai, Brent Johnson of Clam Gulch, Sue McClure of Seward and from Homer, Bill Smith and Mako Haggerty.

That, ‘Band of Six”, now want to adopt Ordinance 2013-12 with amendments submitted by Mayor Mike Navarre’s personally appointed Task Force. It is now under the title, Ordinance 2013-18. That Ordinance, although making several amendments, still demands that the Borough confiscate and control 50 feet of any and all private land, along any stream, that has spawning, rearing or migration of Anadromous Fish.

One can make a good prediction, that those same six Assemblymen who voted against, Repeal of the Borough Land Grab, will be the same six people who will vote to enact the new amended Ordinance 2013-18 when it comes up for Public Hearing and a vote in July.

Several observations and questions, arising out this most important issue, come to mind.  First of all, any voters who watch the antics of these six Assemblymen realize that the vote of NO to Repeal the Land Grab by the Borough was easy to predict. Linda Murphy, Soldotna was elected by her constituents because she has always stood for all the stream protections promoted by the Kenai River Center even if it means seizing and controlling private property of Peninsula land owners. Hal Smalley, Kenai  has always campaigned on the very Liberal side of the agenda. Sue McClure, Seward voted against private property rights and should not have voted at all because the Seward Watershed is exempted. What right did she have to vote against private property rights on the rest of the Peninsula; None at all. Brent Johnson, Clam Gulch, sometimes seems to have his head screwed on straight, but you really never know. Bill Smith and Mako Haggerty, or Homer represent a very different constituency, namely 1960 era Hippies who have never been able to recover. You know, they will both vote against private property rights and support other liberal causes, every time.

Mike Navarre will support the new Ordinance but one would think that if he, as the Chief Renegade in our Borough government, would wonder about the cost of handling permits. He doesn’t seem to have a clue. And, what about enforcement? How will the Borough do it? Does it have authority for enforcement as a Second Class Borough? If so what will be the cost that we as taxpayers will have to bear.

So, what is a good conservative American and Alaskan to do? One who supports the private property rights guaranteed by the Constitution and yet wants reasonable protection for our fish based economy?

They all need to go away.  Murphy, Smalley, McClure, Johnson, Smith and Haggerty?  Very hard to find consensus on that with all our nine different voting districts. Maybe it is time for an Initiative to bring the issue to a vote of all the people in our Borough. If you find one….sign it!

Think About It!     John C. Davis    6-26-2013

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