June 13th 2012

Think About It………..                                                                           June 13, 2012

There are just nine people on the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly. Those nine people are your representatives who each year spend more than $70 million dollars of your money and who set the amount of taxes you will pay and who are responsible to collect it. Those nine people are supposed to work with the Borough Mayor who sets policy and is in charge of the day to day business of the Borough.

Now, here comes the leader of the bunch, Borough Assembly President Gary Knopp with a proposal to hire an attorney to work for and represent the Assembly. This is in spite of the fact that there are already three attorneys working for the Kenai Peninsula Borough. That’s right! Three attorneys are already working for our Borough.

Now, why in the world would Gary Knopp want the Assembly to have their very own attorney? One would think that the Assembly and the Borough Mayor would all be on the same team, Right?  Does Gary Knopp and the Assembly believe that they need their own attorney because the present team of three Borough Attorney’s would not properly and fairly represent the needs of the Assembly as well as the needs of the Administration.

Does the Borough Assembly President feel that the goals and direction of the Assembly is so different from the goals and direction of the Borough Administration that they may have to sue the administration to get their way.  What is going on?

Many of us feel that the majority of the present Borough Assembly are totally out of touch with their constituents and are so taken up with what they see as the “power of their office” that they are blindly going their own way, totally out of touch with their taxpaying constituents.

Of course, Gary Knopp is not alone in wanting to hire an Assembly Attorney. Six other assembly people have joined him, as they do in almost all actions, against the desires of taxpayers. Hal Smalley, Linda Murphy, Mako Haggerty and Bill Smith also want their very own attorney.

Not only that, when they all voted to fund the new attorney for $200,000 they did it without any public hearing or taxpayer input. In fact, they had all agreed to slip the funding into the budget with no notice or public hearing so that later they could come back and fill the position with no one the wiser.

Only three assembly people voted against that action: Charlie Pierce, Ray Tauriainen and Brent Johnson. We can be thankful that there are at least three sane people left on the Borough Assembly but unless we can break up the group of six who control the assembly we are in a world of hurt down the line. And now, this Gary Knopp wants us to send him to Juneau. You have got to be kidding!

Think About It!     JCD   6-13-2012


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