June 11th, 2014

Think About It……                                                                              June 11, 2014

In 1998 Alaskan voters adopted a law with states that marriage is only between one man and one woman. That definition of marriage is not only historical and traditional but in fact is the only moral and honorable way the human race can be propagated. Alaska like 31 other states does not recognize homosexual marriages or civil unions.

Now, five same-sex couples have sued the State and Governor Sean Parnell to overturn the ban. That constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, passed by the Alaska Legislature, is the subject of the current legal challenge.

In the post- “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era of the new Obama military, the rights of homosexuals, including the right to marry is the order of the day. While on Alaska military posts, gay service members enjoy all the rights and privileges of their heterosexual comrades. But, that changes once they walk off federally controlled property.

It is interesting to note that Hospital Housekeeping Services, H.H.S., has ruled that it’s “no longer reasonable” to expect older Americans to pay for their own reassignments. Instead, it now recognizes the sex change surgery as a “medically necessary” and “effective” treatment for people who can’t come to grips with their own biological gender. The surgery could run as much as $50,000.per procedure. It is now possible to petition Medicare to cover their operations. (And we wonder why America is more than $17 Trillion in debt?)

The Obama administration believes it’s the taxpayers’ responsibility to cover an elective body enhancement that may only elevate the mental and physical risks for people suffering from gender confusion. If the government will pay for sex changes, why not plastic surgery for people who don’t feel as old as their age?  As if people could not be more disgusted, the double standard remains.

While President Obama is busy financing senior citizen sex changes, wounded veterans are dying left and right for lack of medical care. If you want a snapshot of Obama’s priorities, that’s it. Making matters worse, the move only paves the way for gender reassignment surgeries to be a routinely covered benefit….like abortion. When ObamaCare was passed many issued warnings and in the 2000 plus pages of the act there are literally 4,156 issues left to the administrations discretion. (Or indiscretion as this case would imply.) People everywhere are realizing—too late—-that those issues include outrages like contraception mandates and politically correct surgeries that no Congress would have ever approved.

That’s why the health care law is so dangerous.  It empowers the government to practice politics—instead of empowering others to practice medicine.  Americans are free to disfigure their bodies —- but they aren’t free to ask taxpayers to foot the bill.

Think About It!     John C. Davis     6-11-14

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  1. john 13 June, 2014, 23:21

    If you were informed you’d know we’re in a deficit because of illegal invasions and occupations of sovereign countries, because we spend more on defense than any dozen or more other major developed countries, because we give billions every year to oil companies, factory farms, pharmaceutical corporations etc.

    And no, it’s simply your imaginary and misconceived notion what the Obama administration believes.

    And no, it wasn’t the president’s decision as to what Medicaid is approving or not. That decision lies with Congress and it’s plain to see what passed and what did not pass.

    Trying to lay off what you don’t like on a president you don’t like is dishonest when the responsibility lies with Congress. But from reading your rants, honesty rarely is of any concern to you.

    But even more interesting is that in researching these imaginary claims, I’ve discovered that this is just another cut and paste of someone else’s dishonest fiction. You just sign your name to someone else’s property.

    That’s theft. But being a theif doesn’t conflict with what might pass for your moral code;. You willfully sign your name to things you steal.

    Plagiarism has a friend in John Davis.

    Between the falsehoods you make up all by yourself and what imaginary falsehoods Tony Perkin’s think tank churns out that you steal and sign as your own, there isn’t a bit that’s either honest or accountably truthful.

    Somewhere along the way to your old age, someone should have taught you the art of critical thinking, no one did, because it’s all too obvious you don’t ever practice it.

    If you’re going to ask others to think about something, at least have them think about something other than malformed fiction and extreme ideological nonsense.

  2. john 16 June, 2014, 01:20

    Practicing a little selective censorship, are we?

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