July 3rd, 2013

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 9:11 am

Think About It……..                                                                                                                         July 3, 2013

When it comes to our Senators and their political views and votes cast in the United States Senate, we seem to be a long way from the conservative Republican votes of, long-time, Senators Ted Stevens and Frank Murkowski.

For the first time in decades we have a Democrat in the U.S. Senate and one would expect progressive-liberal views and votes from Mark Begich, in spite his attempts to make himself sound like a conservative, flag waving Alaskan.

In any case, one would expect a vote from Begich to vote Yes on immigration reform, providing a path for millions of illegal aliens to obtain American citizenship. Or for Begich to vote for visa’s which allow seasonal alien seafood workers to replace Alaskan American workers. Or for Begich to sing the praises of the Supreme Court for overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, which will allow man to man and woman to woman marriages. That’s just the latest of a long list of his progressive-liberal votes in the Senate.

But mostly the same list of votes for Senator Lisa Murkowski? What is going on! Lisa Murkowski voting Yes on immigration reform!  Lisa Murkowski voting Yes for visa’s allowing aliens to work jobs that should go to Alaskans!  Lisa Murkowski; singing the praises of the Supreme Court for overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and by doing so promoting man to man and woman to woman marriages rather than the historical marriage of a man and a woman to naturally propagate the human race.

So, how did we get two of these progressive-liberal Senators in Alaska? Now that is a good question.

Lisa Murkowski had most of us, as Alaskans, thinking she was a traditional conservative Republican, like Ted Stevens and her father Frank, when we went to the polls. My…how wrong we were! Lisa pulled the wool over our eyes, real good.

How Mark Begich won election as our Senator, after the mess he left, as Mayor or Anchorage, remains a mystery. Maybe, it was weak Primary and General Election opponents?  Might have been.  But one tends to think, that the reason Begich and Murkowski won the election, was the vote of thousands of new residents in our state. They have brought with them their much more liberal-progressive way of thinking from back home in California, Oregon and Washington.

So…like it or not, here we are with, not just one but, two liberal-progressives in the U.S. Senate. And you know what?  We might just as well get used to it.

Think About It!      John C. Davis   7-3-13

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3 Comments to “July 3rd, 2013”

  • Joe Mitchell says:

    This needs more commas.

  • Pete says:

    You hit the nail right on the head!!! Guess who I’ll NOT be voting for next time! I sure hope our fellow Alaskans wake up and smell the liberals soon, it’s really starting to stink! That ain’t fish guts we’re smelling. C’mon people, californians, and oregonians and washingtonians, (lol), We do not need running or changing Alaska. I left a democratic state years ago to live somewhere I thought I could be a free man! Exactly 24 years ago I moved here on july the 4th. 1989, and I fell in love with this place. Look at what’s happening all over the country, they’re shutting down the 4th. of july in places in Ohio and other places because of black groups and gangs promoting violence prior to the celebrations. Do we want anyone to prevent us from celebrating our Independence here in Alaska? I know I don’t and thus far I don’t think any groups or gangs are brave enough to try that here. Why? Because must of us are not liberals, most of us carry either open or concealed. Rights that I don’t plan on losing! We, so far, can still speak our mind, but let it keep going in this direction and see what happens. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!! Amen?

  • Wolfe_Tone says:

    The political “center” has shifted so far to the right in the last two decades that party labels mean little these days.
    “Conservative” has come to mean a right-wing intolerant viewpoint with which mainstream Americans usually don’t agree.
    Invoking Ted Stevens as a “Conservative” is, simply put, silly (as is invoking Frank Murkowski at ALL).
    Ted Stevens was a moderate on most issues, and on some issues, would sound like a screaming liberal today.
    Because Lisa Murkowski doesn’t share a narrow-minded right wing view on every issue hardly makes her a “liberal.”
    Lisa Murkowski has pretty much always been a moderate Republican.
    Mark Begich has pretty much always been a moderate Democrat.
    They aren’t that far apart, and never have been.
    Think about it.