Johnson Seeking Reelection to Assembly

Borough Assembly member Brent Johnson of Clam Gulch has announced his intention to seek reelection to the assembly to represent voters in District 7, the Central area of the Kenai Peninsula. We asked Johnson why District 7 voters should send him back to the assembly…


Johnson: “They should send me back because I attend all the various groups that I’m appointed to, whether it’s the fire service area, or school board, of Kenai River Special Management Area board. And because I actively participate on discussion on the assembly and I’ve got some good ideas, even though, they don’t all pass.” 


We also asked Johnson to address clams that he waffles on the issues


Johnson: “I think that it’s a great idea for a person to take in information and change their mind if they have the right idea. For example, I introduced a fireworks ordinance to allow people to shoot fireworks in December and January, and then someone pointed out at a meeting that a child had been killed in a fireworks accident, and I had multiple testimony against the idea, so I changed my mind , I voted against it myself.”



The filing deadline for the borough election is Thursday at 4:30pm, and currently, no one has filed to oppose Johnson.

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