Johnson Makes Modifications to Fishing Module, Presses Ahead

Since KSRM last spoke with commercial fisherman Brent Johnson about a month ago, the Clam Gulch resident has been refining the design of his Selective Harvest Module, which he’ll trial in place of some of his set nets this summer.


Johnson: “If life was perfect, the State would be funding a number of different ideas, they could buy different methods and test different ones, but me being one person with limited money, I probably can only test a couple.”


Johnson won’t receive the ADF&G special permit for another two weeks, but said he’s more than ready to start building his equipment. He shared some of the historic elements of fish traps which he’s considered in building this Selective Harvest Module.


Johnson: “The fish will enter it and then they’ll continue to swim in a circle on this inner coil, until you harvest them. So, that would be nice if I could set mine up like that, but with the current I have, I really can’t. So what I really need to do, in my mind, is be able to empty the thing real frequently.”

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