Job Center Encourages Employers, Employees to Talk About Wages

If you’re ready to work, Jackie Garcia with the Kenai Peninsula Job Center said there are local jobs available. The problem according to Garcia is finding the right employee and the right wage…


Garcia: “My biggest advice to employers is to hire and train. Try to participate in the apprenticeship program, try to participate in the on-the-job training programs, and try to train your own employees coming in, and then you’ll be able to keep them. But another thing has got to with the wages. If you want to hire somebody that’s qualified, you have to be able to pay the wage.”


Garcia said employers sometimes don’t know how much to pay a fully qualified candidate, but she can help…


Garcia: “Employers could always call and ask us and we could go on the labor market information and give them a medium and a high wage for particular jobs.”


The Job Center is located on the Kenai Spur Highway, Kenai.

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