January 2nd, 2013

Posted: January 2, 2013 at 9:09 am

Think About It………                                                                                           January 2, 2013

This morning, the folks in Homer will no longer be able to use plastic bags to bring things home from the store.  That is pretty sad!

However, when you thing about it, Homer is probably one of the only cities in Alaska that would even consider outlawing the use of plastic bags for shopping in its stores.  Most people feel that beautiful Homer has attracted many very liberal folks, unrecovered hippies from the 60’s, greenies, leaf-lickers and the like. So, one can kind of understand the vote to outlaw plastic bags, I suppose.

And there are couple of reasons these folks argue that might have merit. Their argument that loose plastic bags end up being improperly released and wind up on bushes and trees around town, or that some mammal or bird might get a bag over the head or in the mouth and be harmed.  But, if so, then these folks should spend their time and dollars promoting the proper re-use and disposal of plastic bags.

It’s funny how people, of like persuasion, are always trying to change our modern society by getting rid of the many inventions and ways of doing things that make our life easier and save us time and money. It’s the kind of a mentality that would love nothing more than bringing our society to its knees by advocating a 19th century lifestyle for everyone….you know, heating only with wood stoves, getting rid of automobiles, moving around on bicycles, horses and carriages or even using only “shanks pony”.

As for “outlawing” the use of the plastic bag one can only imagine all the frustration folks in Homer will be facing this coming year.  Maybe the stores will use old fashioned paper bags which will at least give you some way to carry home your groceries or hardware, but what a cost to the beautiful and necessary trees on our planet as they disappear.  Maybe their idea is to promote making your own bag out of rags or buying one and bringing it with you to the store. That will be kind of hard on mom’s with big families, but then maybe hubby and each kid can bring their own bags after mom gets them made or bought. How frustrating it will be to someone going to the store and forgetting their own re-useable bag. That will mean another trip home to fetch it.

It’s good for the rest of us to remember the good things about the plastic bags used in all the other communities in Alaska.  First of all, remember that you don’t have to cut down a tree to make a plastic bag.  They’re a product of oil that comes from deep in the earth where you can’t see and miss it.  Secondly, 31% of the money in our Alaskan economy and our all of our Permanent Fund comes from the sale of oil and the workers who are employed to harvest it. Using plastic shopping bags helps our superior life style in Alaska, and all in all, is a good and reasonable choice.

But don’t hold the outlawing of plastic bags in Homer against our friends and neighbors. Accept the fact that their actions reflect the “back to basics” mentality of the folks in the city to the south and there is nothing you can do about it.  Just remember:  Be sure to bring your own shopping bags the next time you head south to do some shopping in Homer town.

Think About It!     JCD        01/02-13

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4 Comments to “January 2nd, 2013”

  • momto2 says:

    I’m always torn between bringing my own eco-friendly cloth bags and bagging my groceries using plastic bags. See, we use the plastic bags as trash bags. If we stopped bringing home the plastic bags, that means we have to buy plastic garbage bags. Other than being a waste of money, it seems that it defeats the purpose as well.

  • BLUFF BUNNY says:

    HMMMMMM…. will reusable bags MADE from plastic bags, be acceptable to the Homeroids, or will they have to get approval for them from the UN?

  • Big Joe says:

    I always take my large reuseable canvas bags to the stores. I think the KPB should consider a Bourough wide ordinance prohibiting plastic bags! It would be a right (No pun intended) step forward for all Alaskans.

  • Les Palmer says:

    In Bellingham, Wash., (pop. 80,000) where I vacation in the winter, the city recently passed an ordinance that requires either paying 5 cents for a plastic bag or using your own. I thought it was going to be a hassle or additional expense when they did this, but it hasn’t been bad at all. We have about 8 large, cloth bags we take shopping with us. This keeps thousands of plastic bags off the streets and out of the waters. Think about it.