January 16, 2013

Think About It…….                                                                                                January 16, 2013

It’s time for Alaska’s Governor and State Legislative leaders to stand up for our State’s Rights in Alaska.  This is true in many areas of excessive Federal demands and encroachment in our state. However, many believe that this is more evident in the demands of the President and the Federal government in nationwide healthcare under “Obamacare” than another mandates.

It is unclear what exactly the outcome will be when Obamacare’s avalanche of regulations lands upon the health care industry. However, we believe that the consequences are likely to be unpleasant and unpopular, and that those state leaders who enable them are likely to pay a high political price for doing so.  If imposing heavy new taxes and cumbrous new regulation upon their states’ residents is not enough, political self-interest alone should counsel state leaders against putting their imprimatur up on the health care exchanges.

Right now, Oklahoma is setting a good example for Alaska. State leaders, there, are suing to secure Oklahoma’s sovereignty against Obamacare’s intrusions, and fourteen (14) other states have passed laws (and in some cases constitutional amendments) forbidding state workers to enable the Federal government in implementing the mandate in their state.

The fifty states in our nation, of course, are under no legal or constitutional obligation to establish the health exchanges, and if enough of them refuse to do so, then Washington will have no choice but to revisit the deeply unpopular law, providing the country with an opportunity to excise some of Obamcare’s most obnoxious elements. This would be an excellent time for our Alaska leaders to join Oklahoma and the 14 other states, exercise their state’s rights under the US Constitution and vote for non-participation in Obamacare.

Although full repeal remains an unlikely possibility, what with all the liberal Democrats controlling the Senate and the White House, the worst aspects of the law can be delayed or stopped altogether until such time as “pulling Obama-care by the roots” becomes a political possibility.

The real picture in Juneau though, is that there are probably only a hand full of legislators who even understand our State’s Rights and even fewer who have the guts to exercise them for Alaska.  That is unfortunate but enjoys the possibility of changing with enough pressure from Alaskans.

Obamacare is a threat to American health care, to be sure, but it is also a threat to the character of American government……injuries to which are not easily healed.

Think About It!      JCD    01-16-13

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