It’s True, Ammunition is Disappearing

Sen. Begich (D-AK): “So that doesn’t exist, there’s no stockpiling that’s going on, so let me make that very clear.”


That was U.S. Senator Mark Begich, responding to a question about the federal government buying up ammunition.


While Sen. Begich insists it’s not the government causing the short supply, Michael Willoya of Black Dog Firearms, says he’s finding it hard to stock his shelves.


Willoya: “I’d hears a rumor that people were using their connections, like at 3 Bears, to buy stuff before it even hits the shelves. It’s difficult for me to get any ammunition across the board, all of my distributors are pretty much wiped out of everything in the popular calibers.”


Willoya said demand for firearms and ammunition has gone through the roof since the federal government started looking at increasing restrictions, particularly on semi-automatic weapons.


Willoya: “You know our entire country is pretty much on edge about firearms right now in certain parts of the country are going one direction, and other parts of the country are going the other direction, and there’s companies getting ready to pull up stakes in their home states to move around, so everything’s really up in the air. Overall, it seems firearms ownership is less stigmatic than it used to be and more and more people are openly owning firearms.”


While it seems this would be good for firearms retailers, Willoya said he’s been struggling to get new inventory, and had to put some prices up last December simply so he had something in stock.

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