It’s time for political appointments to end across the state of Alaska.

It has been abused for too long by too many at just about every level of government.

It has caused government for the people, to transform into government for politician’s friends.

I am not going to waste everyone’s time by naming all of the people, both locally, across the state and across the nation, who have been political appointees just because they helped someone get elected. Instead, I want to offer a possible solution for this abuse of power.

Government is big in this big state. It continues to be one of the major employers for many Alaskans. So, just like any big corporation, it needs to have its checks and balances. One big check could be to require ALL positions within the Governor’s Administration, the State Legislature, the Borough Mayors’ Offices, and any other municipal departments to fall under the rules of the Equal Opportunity Employment Act.

ALL positions must be advertised. ALL positions must be clearly defined. ALL positions must be openly advertised across the state. The person handling the hiring process cannot discriminate. Simply following this rule alone could help eliminate some of the open and obvious nepotism and cronyism that occurs in this state when a new Governor is elected, when a new State Legislature is elected, when a new Borough Mayor is elected, and on, and on, and on.

I don’t agree with more government being the answer to every problem. But, I am also sick and tired of seeing people, who know people, who know other people, who have the power to make certain all of the people they know have new high-paying jobs every two, three, or four years with high-paying benefits and perks. Enough already.

Let’s return to the words of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address that promised, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”
What we have today is government of the elected, by the people who contributed to their campaign, for special favors.

Think About It.–JDN

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