It all belongs to Alaskans, you and I and every other Alaskan resident,

Natural Gas is the most important single asset we have in Alaska.  We have 37 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 478 million barrels of natural gas liquids on the North Slope. It all belongs to Alaskans, you and I and every other Alaskan resident, but unless we build a pipeline to make it available from Fairbanks to Homer, we just don’t understand its importance to our economy.

A two month summer tourism season and a declining commercial fishing industry is no longer sufficient to maintain the healthy and growing economy we have had in past years. Our natural gas reserves in Cook Inlet are at an all time low and a drive to North Kenai and Nikiski will prove to anyone that our once vibrant crude oil production is a thing of the past.

We simply must build an All Alaska Pipeline to distribute natural gas to the rail-belt and the Kenai Peninsula. If we are to keep our economy alive and growing an All Alaska Pipeline must be the most important priority for every single Alaskan.  Unlimited natural gas for every home, business and future manufacturing businesses in the rail-belt could give Alaskans the lowest energy cost in the country.

One can only imagine the industries that would build plants and locate in Alaska if they were assured of an unlimited amount of natural gas for at least the next fifty to one hundred years.  Growth and investment in our state would make our natural gas worth many times what it would be worth if we just sold it to markets outside Alaska.

This year is a critical election year for our state. We need a Governor and legislative candidates who are serious, dedicated proponents of an All Alaska Gas Pipeline. We as their constituents need to be willing to use a portion of the Alaska Permanent Fund to make sure the pipeline is built in a timely manner. What a great way to build our economy to the benefit of all Alaskans who own the resource in the first place.

In the upcoming elections this fall, we as Alaskans need to make sure that every candidate understands the importance of doing whatever is necessary to make sure we do not give away our most important natural resource, north slope natural gas, before it is made available to Alaskans first.

Our economy and our way of life depend on it.  Our children must be able to count on it.

Think About It!     JCD 6-30-10

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