IRS Sees Tax Return Mega Peak

With the Internal Revenue Service delaying e-filing until January 30th, local tax agents have suddenly been hit with a rush of clients. Jim Duffield of Liberty Tax Service said they haven’t had the usual warm-up period…


Duffield: “Normally, you get the last week of January and the first two weeks of February, you get about 80 per cent of your business for the year and this year, because of the delay by the IRS to January 30th of even being allowed to e-file, that normal trickle up to that point and then a peak and then drop off some, became a mega peak, because people delayed.”


Duffield said many of the filing questions he’s currently receiving are about the relationship test. He said he has many couples asking if they should file as joint or separate, but confirmed that only legally married couples can joint file. Another hot local topic…


Duffield: “A lot of fishermen, because they get 1099’s for their fishing proceeds, they forget to, where they’ve fished for someone else, and they forget to keep record of any expenses they may have that they can claim against that income, such as for their boots and their knives and their Grundens and whatever they may have to get to go fishing.”


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