IRS Lifts Fiscal Cliff Block on Tax Filing

With just four weeks left in the tax preparation season, the IRS has lifted a block on some federal tax forms. Jim Duffield of Liberty Tax Services explains…


Duffield: “Just until last week, there was a large list, a long list of federal forms that were still not being accepted by the IRS, due to changes in regulations because of the fiscal cliff, year-end fiscal cliff issue, and they just began accepting quite a number of those, such as residential energy credits, passive activity credits like for people who own rental homes and cabins and those sorts of things. So a lot of people have not even be able to file, due to the fact that those were not even being accepted yet by the IRS, and again there’s a whole list of them, but those are a couple of the most common.”


Anyone who has been delayed by this block can now go ahead and file, to visit the IRS website click here.

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