Indy Proves the Community Cares

Close to thirty people – friends, family, and strangers – were searching the Beaver Loop area last Friday night for a brindle Pit Bull/Boxer mix. ‘Ind’y had been missing since early Tuesday, when she and her owner were involved in the fatal car accident at Mile 5 of the Kenai Spur Highway.


Kimberly Perkovich said it was a difficult week for the family, but then there was good news…


Perkovich: “We were out there a good couple hours and kinda’ starting to wane, people were starting to go home. I was getting ready actually to say goodbye to one of my good friends who had been out looking for her, and I get this phone call, and I kinda’ laughed, because the lady was nonchalant, like, ‘We have your dog, she’s here, she’s alive,’ and I may have blurted out some choice words, and then I extremely apologized and just said, ‘Where are you?’ and it was a commotion that I can’t even begin to describe.”


Indy was found in the area around Dogwood Rd. Perkovich describes the moment she was reunited…


Perkovich: “I got into the truck to go get her, and when we stopped at the yard that she was in, I may have shoved some people out of my way, and I just, I literally crumbled around her, and my heart, it broke all over, but yet kind of healed a little bit at the same time.”


A celebration is being held tonight at Pizza Hut. Perkovich said Indy may need some stitches, but everything is healing slowly.


Perkovich: “I just want to say thank you so much to everybody that came out and helped, and our appreciation for everybody trying to find her, and helping us find her and bring her home. We’ll never be able to repay everybody for their time and support that they gave us during what is still one of the hardest times of all of our lives.”

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