Increased Flooding for K-Beach, No Word on Disaster Declaration

The Governor is yet to declare a disaster for victims of K-Beach flooding. Parnell visited the homes almost three weeks ago, saying…


Gov. Parnell: “I was in the neighborhood around Eastway Drive and saw the roads flooded, saw the water surrounding the houses I mean certainly there’s going to be some recovery efforts required, it looked the situation was well in hand in terms of people were safe and being made safe but I spoke with Mayor Mike Navarre and offered whatever help the state could be. I know he was meeting with State Hydrologists and looking at the potential for disaster declarations so I pledge the state’s help and our thought’s and prayers are certainly with the residents that are experiencing that right now.”


The following day, Mayor Navarre declared a local emergency and requested help from the State. Officials warned that the paperwork could take some time.


The thought is providing little comfort for residents of K-Beach, where flooding has worsened with further rain and freezing. Resident Anna Boze ¬†moved out with her family as the bottom level of their home filled with water and muck. The hardest blow was losing a decade of family heirlooms…


Boze: “You grab things you would not expect when it comes time to leave, and you leave things that you need actually.”

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