In Response to North Korea Threats, Alaska Receives $1 Billion Defense Upgrade

Today, the Pentagon announced it is responding to North Korea’s nuclear threats by adding 14 new ground-based missile interceptors to Alaska’s Fort Greely by 2017. Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell applauded the announcement…


Lt. Gov. Treadwell: “But the whole idea, and we’re coming up on the 30th anniversary this month actually, of Ronald Reagan’s call to have a missile defense, and what Reagan intended at the time is you try not to have your defense based on mutually-assured destruction, you know, the idea that they might hit you and all you can do is hit them back. The idea here is you might want to knock their missiles down before they ever do hit you, and that gives the President many more options.”


We asked Lt. Gov. Treadwell if he’s concerned about the recent threats…


Lt. Gov. Treadwell: “Just if you look at the history, I think all of  America should be concerned about North Korea’s capabilities. North Korea is trying obviously to have a a missile that can reach American soil and we and Hawaii are closest to North Korea, so we are very much in their sights.”


Congressman Don Young and Senators Murkowski and Begich quickly added their support to the defense upgrade.

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