If we are to have a healthy economic future we must curb the growth of government

Voting for Ballot Measure 1 in our Alaska Primary Election is one of the most important things you can do to curb the growth of government and if you don’t understand why please study the Measure before you go to the polls on August 24th.

If we are to have a healthy economic future we must curb the growth of government, which is out of control in our state and our nation, and a YES vote on Ballot Measure 1 will do just that. It’s our chance for change. Don’t listen to the special interest, no bid,  government contractors who want you to support “NO transparency” and “No bidding” on government contracts.

Oh yes!  No bid, sole source contracts are awarded are in our state all the time. And it is time for we as Alaskans to clean up the process.  A YES vote on Ballot Measure 1 is our chance to prevent recipients of sole source and NO-bid contracts from making political contributions to our legislators well known as “Pay to Play”.

Ballot Measure 1 does NOT prevent union members or employees from making political contributions. Family members are not prevented from contributing  but only stopped from being USED AS CONDUITS for making political contributions.  It does NOT prevent free speech.  Right now, most or your seated legislators have received more campaign contributions tied to sole source government contracts than those convicted in the VECO scandals received from the infamous Bill Allen. Passing Ballot Measure 1 will create a true arm’s length relationship between government contract holders and the officials who approve their contracts.

A YES vote on Ballot Measure 1 will ban publically funded lobbying which, sad to say, has become a multimillion dollar industry in Alaska. Did you know that last year alone the state spent in excess of

$4 million lobbying itself for more money.  Those are dollars belonging to you and I as Alaskans and that does NOT include trade organizations that maintain multi-million dollar budgets from state and local governments to lobby as well.  This must all come to a stop.

One of the most common abuses of public funds used for lobbying is the use of public dollars being used to support or opposed ballot measures and bonds, as is happening in the opposition to Ballot Measure 1 this year.  Ask yourself, How can anyone on the opposing side to a bond or ballot measure combat the bottomless pit of government advertising dollars?  This disenfranchises the general public and turns our government into an economic engine for special interests. That is just not right.

Also, remember that Ballot Measure 1 does NOT limit public officials (like a mayor, assemblyman or councilman) from communicating with other government officials like legislators. Nine other states have similar legislation.

A Yes vote on Ballot Measure 1 is an extremely important  issue for each and everyone of us as Alaskans, so remember to vote in our Alaska Primary on August 24th and vote YES on Ballot Measure 1.

Think About It!      JCD    08-11-10

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