House To Move on Healthcare Overhaul

Today the State House Health and Social Services Committee heard HJR14, urging Governor Sean Parnell to “take actions necessary” to delay federal health care overhaul in Alaska.


Central Peninsula Hospital’s CEO Rick Davis explained the Governor’s process…


Davis: “The Governor actually has until the end of this year to make a decision on whether or not he allows Alaska to opt-into the Medicaid expansion program. He has until the end of the year to make his decision and still get us the full funding for the first year, so I think he probably’s going to take his time and do a good job of studying the pros and cons and I think he probably won’t ¬†make a decision for a while, but again, he has until the end of the year to do that.”


The House resolution would call on Congress to delay the implementation of the federal healthcare overhaul until the financial impact is better understood.


On the other side, Democratic Representative Andy Josephson has proposed a resolution urging Governor Parnell to expand Medicaid coverage.


The Governor has delayed making a decision this legislative session.

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