House Continues LNG Investigation

Posted: March 28, 2014 at 12:22 pm

Speaker of the State House Mike Chenault said the House is taking on the bill which would frame the Alaska LNG Project. In particular, they’ve been clarifying some of the more obscure language in the agreement which would bring a $45-$65 billion pipeline project and liquefaction plant to Nikiski…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “Basically trying to dig down and find out what certain words mean, like ‘substantially similar.’ That’s a lawyer’s dream. So that causes some of my members and myself concerns on what that means, especially in light of the AGIA project that have just been through, and the ‘treble damages,’ what does that really mean? We’re trying to flesh out some of the verbiage in there to make sure we understand what we’re getting into.”


Chenault said legislators are treading carefully after the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act failed to result in a pipeline.

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2 Comments to “House Continues LNG Investigation”

  • william says:

    This bill only approves more study, it’s not a bill that will build anything.

    Parnell already gave away a half a billion or so on a study with TransCanada and Exxon, all for nothing.

    Here he’s starting over on a new study with TransCanada, ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips.

    This new plan by Parnell has significant risks to Alaska, it’s a radical change that gives up Alaska sovereignty, Alaska will have a minority stake and won’t be in a position to protect it’s interests.

    This bill makes us business partners with the oil giants, contractually, it’s a radical change from any type of normal business practices and leaves the state open to being played by the oil companies.

    The bill is not backed by the parent companies of BP, ExxonMobil, ConacoPhillips, but those parent companies are insulated by subsidiaries so they don’t suffer the downside risks, Alaska does take all the risk.

    The report says the downside risks are larger than the possible upside. No wonder Parnell doesn’t want you to see the reports. You paid for the reports, he shouldn’t be able to keep you from reading what you paid for.

    The reports that tell of the downside risks are not being released, the governor and the legislature don’t want Alaskans to know what they are planning to embed us all with the oil companies. And it won’t be for our own good, it’s to please the oil companies and boost their profits at the expense of Alaska.

    Chenault is only making a show, he’s pushing hard to sell this scam, he’s in lockstep with Parnell on this, he just doesn’t want you to think he’s sell you out.

    This bill sells all Alaskans out, make no mistake, it should be killed, not carefully implemented.

  • jim says:

    Ever wonder why KSRM hasn’t reported that Parnell refuses to release those studies?

    Aren’t news services supposed to report all the news, not just those parts of the news that fit into an extremely biased view? Well, yes they should be reporting the full story, but journalistic ethics aren’t actually practiced at KSRM, not when there’s a biased view they’d rather present.

    KSRM should be telling it’s listeners what’s wrong with this bill. What’s wrong with Parnell keeping reports secret. Yeah, that’ll be the day.

    Keep listening to just those parts of the news designed to take you down the garden path, only this garden has nothing to harvest, you’re being harvested, Alaska’s treasury and resources are being harvested. You’re being led down the garden path.