House Continues LNG Investigation

Speaker of the State House Mike Chenault said the House is taking on the bill which would frame the Alaska LNG Project. In particular, they’ve been clarifying some of the more obscure language in the agreement which would bring a $45-$65 billion pipeline project and liquefaction plant to Nikiski…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “Basically trying to dig down and find out what certain words mean, like ‘substantially similar.’ That’s a lawyer’s dream. So that causes some of my members and myself concerns on what that means, especially in light of the AGIA project that have just been through, and the ‘treble damages,’ what does that really mean? We’re trying to flesh out some of the verbiage in there to make sure we understand what we’re getting into.”


Chenault said legislators are treading carefully after the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act failed to result in a pipeline.

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