Homer Residents To Vote On Bag Ban Repeal

Homer residents will now vote on the plastic bag ban which was enacted last August. City Clerk Jo Johnson said a referendum petition was submitted with the necessary signatures…


Johnson: “The petition was certified. There were sufficient signatures on it. It just required 230 signatures.”


The City Council will decide tonight if they’ll hold a special election or wait until the October ballot. Petition organizer Justin Arnold said there’s more than meets the eye in this bag ban…


Arnold: “What I’m saying is that it’s not about the plastic bags. It’s about the government stepping into every aspect of our lives and controlling it. It’s plastic bags today, but what’s the next thing? The size of house we can live in? I mean, that’s the biggest polluter in the world, is our homes.”


Arnold said he’s even had people in favor of the ban sign his petition, with the belief that personal choice should trump government intervention.



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