Homer Resident Honored By Murkowski

Drafted in May of 1967, Homer resident Jim VanOss has recently been honored by Senator Lisa Murkowski in her Veteran’s Spotlight series.


Sen. Murkowski’s series highlights the experiences of Alaskan veterans, preserving their stories for future generations.


VanOss: “When I was in the military I felt I was in situation where I didn’t have much control over myself. When you’re in the military, you really don’t have control over your own destiny. You’re kind of just doing what they tell you.”


The spotlight with VanOss can be viewed here, and focuses on the treatment of veterans in modern times. VanOss said he’s seen some in the veteran’s medical system for 40 years.


VanOss: “Well I got diagnosed with Parkinson’s here about 2010, and since I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s  Veterans have been helping me out with that. so that’s been very good, and they’ve been very good. I never thought 40-something years after the fact of being discharged from the army that I would get help from the Veterans.”

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