Homer High the Last Slated for New Field

Borough Proposition 2 will authorize the Kenai Peninsula Borough to borrow close to $23 million for education capital improvements.


Borough Mayor Mike Navarre has been actively promoting the proposition, which has been described as a roof replacement issue. However, there is also $2 million dedicated for a new Homer High School Turf Field. Mayor Navarre explains…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “I kinda’ look at it overall as project for the entire Peninsula. All of the High Schools that have both high school football and soccer teams will have turf fields, with the exception of Nikiski, and they like their field the way it is currently.”


Mayor Navarre said Nikiski High chose not to pursue a turf field, since they prefer their high-quality grass field. The Kenai and Soldotna fields were funded by State appropriations, which don’t have to be repaid, but Navarre said that route didn’t work for a Homer field. Instead…


Kpb Mayor Navarre: “By bonding, the State reimburses us for 70 percent of the cost. We also, if we get it approved by the voters on October 1st, then we can do Soldotna and Homer at the same time, and hopefully we’ll see some efficiencies and savings by doing both projects at the same time. Otherwise, we wait until next year for a Legislative grant.”

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