Homer Halibut Derby Winner Smallest Ever

The 2013 Homer Halibut Derby finished Sunday, with Gene Jones of Iowa the winner. Jones held the lead since July 25 and takes home $10,000 plus $0.75 on every Jackpot Halibut Derby ticket sold.


While his 236.2lb halibut was the biggest this year, it was the smallest winner in the derby’s 27-year history.


There have only been three other years with winners less than 300lbs, in 2010 Jamie Lynn Olvera of Fairbanks won with a 277lb catch, and in 1989, William Lawrence of Anchorage took first place with a 275lb flatfish. In 1988,  Vince DeGeorge of California won with 262lbs.


But although the overall size was down, the Derby saw a record number of tagged fish brought in. 29 fish were caught with a total value of $18,000.

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