Homer Council Approves Enstar Contract, Waiting on Borough

Homer City Manager Walt Wrede is poised to sign a construction agreement with Enstar Natural Gas after the City Council approved the contract for the natural gas distribution system with an amount not to exceed $12,160,632.


Wrede: “So that’s a construction contract to build the gas distribution system in the community. So that was really the final step, and now we’re getting ready, we’re gearing up for construction this summer.”


While Enstar and the City of Homer are ready to proceed, Wrede said he hasn’t put pen to paper yet…


Wrede: “I haven’t signed it yet, and I will not issue a notice to proceed until and unless the Borough appropriates the money.”


The Borough Assembly is expected to issue the $13 million loan to the City of Homer and Kachemak City during their meeting next Tuesday at 6pm.

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