Homeowner Says Milky Way Fire “Intentionally Set”

Leroy the Llama guards the ruins

Leroy the Llama guards the ruins



Arlene Luke lost a large macaw, two lizards and three dogs the first time her Nikiski home caught fire.


Yesterday (Thursday), she lost everything else when she says someone intentionally set fire to the site.


Her sons found a trail of burned grass…


Luke: “Bradley and Dominic walked down there and you can actually see where they walked around with the can or whatever they were using to start the fire and made a little path with it where they took it and tossed it to a big area that burned.”


Nikiski Fire Department responded around 9am, but by 11am the entire area had been turned to ash. The Fire Department has yet to announce the cause of the fire.


Arlene and five of her children have been living in a motor-home on the Milky Way property since last December when a chimney fire destroyed the residence. Arlene says the family has slowly been salvaging what they could.


Luke: “Now it’s, I just don’t even understand what today was about, or why someone would want to do that. We don’t know anybody, I don’t have family out here, we keep to ourselves. We’re not bothering anybody. I just really truly don’t understand.”


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Dominic points out the trail of burned grass leading to the structure

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