Homecoming Donations Welcome at Cinderella’s Closet

We’re in the midst of homecoming season, but at least one SoHi teacher has her mind on prom – Meggean Bos is the creator of Cinderella’s Closet, which gives free prom dresses to local students. She said her doors are always open for donations…


Bos: “We’re not open for homecoming; however, we are collecting donations still. What we do is when the dresses come in, I have a storage area that we keep all of these dresses so that they stay dry and hung up and clean.”


Last year, the Closet gave away 92 dresses to students across the Peninsula. One teacher even flew from Seldovia to collect prom dresses for her students. With growing demand, Bos said they’ll take just about anything…


Bos: “We can always use multiple dresses in different sizes. I mean, we have such a wide span of sizes, we have a wide span of what different girls like. Some like shorter dresses, some like longer dresses, so I mean we just need a wide variety of dresses, so that’s something we could use.”


The Closet is housed in Bos’ classroom, and she said donations can be dropped off to her at SoHi during school hours.

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