Home Depot Marks 10 Years in Kenai

Home Depot celebrated its 10th anniversary in Kenai yesterday, with six of the original employees still working for the home improvement retailers.


Kenai Mayor Pat Porter said she remembered when they opened the doors…


Mayor Porter: “And I can only say that they have been a great community partner in our community. They do a tremendous amount of good will for all the people who live in the whole area.”


Porter said she’s been impressed by all the things Home Depot has done for the community behind the scenes. We spoke to Assistant Manager Mark Pierson…


Pierson: “We don’t necessarily shout out really loud all the things that we do, but amongst ourselves we know that we’re doing good in this community and that we’re giving back, and partly because this community has supported us over the last ten years, and so I think it’s important that we give back to the community, and that’s just one of our values.”



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