Hollis French Mulling Run for Governor

Democratic State senator Hollis French of Anchorage has filed his initial paperwork with the Division of Elections declaring his intentions to run for the  office of governor in the 2014 state wide election.


French said that he had been considering a run for governor for some time, and filing this letter of intent allows him for further explore whether a gubernatorial run would be viable.

French said that on so many issues, such as oil taxes, education and health care, the current administration is leading Alaska in what he calls the wrong direction.  French said that he wants to use this time to test whether he has the support to replace Parnell.


French was first elected to the state senate in 2002,and is currently serving his fourth term.

Before being elected to the senate French worked in Alaska’s oil industry,   he then went to law school and subsequently joined the Anchorage District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor.

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