Holiday Scams On the Rise

With the holidays just around the corner, the Better Business Bureau is warning that scam phone calls increase around this time of year.


David Quinlan with the BBB said it’s dangerous to touch or say anything during a scam phone call…


Quinlan: “Three things to watch out for, and probably the most important thing is: don’t talk or press buttons. So if you get one of those suspicious calls, if you press in information, like if they ask for your personal address or your credit card information, some people think just by pushing the numbers, they’re not going to be able to track that, and that’s not true at all. So don’t press any buttons. Saying anything or pressing buttons will alert automated calling systems that they have reached working numbers, prompting future robocalls.”


Quinlan said that people who respond to robocalls can wind up on the ‘sucker list,’ which opens the floodgates to scam calls and solicitations. Once on the list, there’s not much you can do to be removed, not even by adding your number to the Do Not Call Registry. Quinlan said all you can do is wait it out.


Other important tips at this time of year: don’t give out personal information over the phone unless you’re sure of the identity of the caller, and always ask for identification. The BBB says that legitimate callers should always be able to prove their identity.

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