Holiday Decorations Could Pose Home Safety Risk

Continuing a preemptive holiday safety campaign, the Kenai Fire Department says to take care with certain holiday decorations. Chief Mike Tilly…


Chief Tilly: “People become a little complacent with candles,  they’re so common place in our home, we don’t see the danger. They are very nice to have, there is nice ambiance, a lot of them even smell good. But the danger is still there, especially when the candles become unattended or are in the reach of children. And you do have a combustion source there, and it does’t take too much inattention to have a fire in your home.” 


Tilly said this is an issue every year, across the country…


 Chief Tilly: “The top five days, believe it or not, for home fire candles damaging your home; number one is Christmas day, Christmas eve, New Year’s Day, Halloween, and the closing days around Christmas. And it’s just because people get into that festive time of year, it’s always nice to have them in your home, like I said, they create a great atmosphere, but the fact is over 15,000 home candle fires happen in the United States every year, and there’s an estimated over 1,200 injures that happen just from having the candle burning in your home, whether you knock it over, start a small fire in your home or what not, but there is a lot of injures that could occur, there’s a lot of damage that can occur.”


He recommends keeping all candles attended, and to make sure they are fully extinguished before leaving the room. Candles should always be placed in a stable container, out of reach of small children.

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