Hitchhiker Arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Obstruction and, Reckless Endangerment

Saturday May 11th, just before 1:00am, the Alaska State Trooper dispatch received multiple reports from drivers that a hitchhiker was walking in the middle of the roadway near 20 mile of the K-Beach Road.

Troopers say that drivers had to avoid the hitchhiker and drive into oncoming traffic to avoid the pedestrian.

AST responded and when arriving on scene, an individual who was later identified as 22-year-old Derrick Burlison of Sterling; was observed walking in the northbound lane of travel.

Burlison fled the scene as Troopers attempted to make contact and a foot pursuit was initiated.

Burlison was taken into custody shortly thereafter without further incident.

Burlison was arrested and transported to Wildwood Pretrial and charged with disorderly conduct, obstruction of highways, and reckless endangerment.

Troopers tell us that alcohol was found to be a factor with Burlison’s behavior.


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