Hiring Freeze To Have Unknown Impact

As reported earlier, the Department of the Interior has implemented a hiring freeze as they evaluate the impact of federal sequestration. We asked Bruce Woods with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about how the freeze might affect Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.


Woods: “It’s really hard for us to tell at this point. I think, as I said, when another couple weeks have gone by, we’ll have a better feel for the impacts, but at this point the agency as a whole is just beginning to try to deal with it, and until that happens, we won’t know how it’s going to sift down to the service in Alaska in general, or even Kenai Refuge in specific.”


Woods said the Refuge generally begins hiring for seasonal summer employees around this time, and he didn’t know if that process would be affected. There will be some exceptions to the hiring freeze, but Woods said more will be known in the coming weeks.

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