Hilcorp Using Now Former Marathon Assets to Increase Gas Portfolio

As we reported, the purchase of Marathon’s Cook Inlet assets by Hilcorp closed one week ago. We spoke to Hilcorp’s Lori Nelson who outlined the value of the newly aquired assets


Nelson: “It’s a great set of assets to get our hands on, especially noting all the discussion around gas supply. We’re aggressively pursuing gas development, not only with this set, but with our set of assets. We’re certainly confident that we can quickly add production at the fields we jointly owned with Marathon, and we’ll start to evaluate opportunities in the fields where we previously didn’t have interest. So that’s a good outlook for us. Ultimately,our goal is to continue to provide a reliable energy source for south central, and over all we’re going to remain committed to a long term capital investment plan.”


Nelson said that Hilcorp was able to keep roughly 30 workers from Marathon to keep working on the fields that they have for years.


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