Hilcorp Looking Ahead to Busy Summer in Cook Inlet

Hilcorp officials have stay busy in the wake of the February acquisition of Marathon’s Cook Inlet assets. We spoke to Lori Nelson with Hilcorp who said that crews are also expecting to stay busy this summer…


Nelson: “Ramp up is a good term, we’re going to be really really busy this summer, as a whole we’re busy, but we’ve got two drilling rigs that are in transport right now, as well as, two work over rigs that will be making their way to Cook Inlet to go to work for Hilcorp that we’re excited about. We’ve got big plans for the Nininchik Unit, the Kenai Gas Field, and elsewhere. We’ll have teams busy throughout our asset group.”



Nelson also told us that Hilcorp believes they can supply South central gas utilities needs through 2017

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