High Turnout For Kenai Highway Safety Meeting

Last night’s meeting about upgrades to Beaver Loop Rd and the Kenai Spur Highway attracted a lot of local attention, as close to 60 residents joined the open discussion.


Kenai City Manager Rick Koch…


Koch: “Those comments ran the gamut on both projects. On the Spur Highway, there was a lot of comment about trying to get on the highway and what the pros and cons were of different alternatives for creating gaps in traffic. Cost was an issue that was discussed at length for each of the alternatives, the original DOT estimates for that project for that project on the Spur Highway were $40 million, and unfortunately there was only $20 million put in the bond proposition that passed. Some alternatives can partially address some of the issues. I assume the City Council will probably have be going back to the Legislature, looking for some additional funding, but there is work that can be accomplished with what’s available right now.”


Koch said he anticipates many more public meetings as they work to refine the scope of each project.

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